Jumat, 08 Agustus 2014

California pop day.

Linus of Hollywood-Something Good. Back with his first album of new material since 2006's Triangle, Kevin Dotson a/k/a Linus of Hollywood is back with the same winning combination of classic pop and power pop that made him a force in the power pop community in the first half of the last decade. The buoyant, driving 1-2 punch of "Caught Up in a Feeling" and "Ready for Something Good" will get your toes tapping right off the bat, the McCartney-esque "A Girl That I Like" is very easy on the ears, and "I Don't Wanna Go Home if You're Not There" makes for a great power ballad. Linus even throws in a faithful cover of the Kiss classic "Beth", while the overall quality of the album heeds the admonition of one of the disc's catcher tracks, "Don't F**k it Up". One of the year's best.

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Jeff Larson-Close Circle. Having reviewed the previous five releases of this wonderfully consistent folk-rocker, it's getting hard for me to say something new about him, so how about this? Close Circle might be the best and most assured of his recent releases. For those just tuning in, Larson's music is the epitome of laid-back, melodic mellow SoCal rock and reflected in the fact that he's a confidant of and collaborator with Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell, better known as America. After opening with the beautifully understated "Rescue", the disc clicks into gear with the excellent "Following the Echoes". Other standouts include the Jeffrey Foskett-backed "Goodbye Ocean Street Beaches" and "Rain Soaked Cloud", which features the America boys on backing vocals.

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NOTE: Kool Kat is also releasing a CD-R of last year's download-only Larson EP Leaves for those who want a physical disc.

Rabu, 06 Agustus 2014

Wheel It! (Mixtape) - 2014


 'Wheel It!', séptima mixtape de JAMMIN JAM SOUND. Cincuenta minutos de los mejores temas actuales de dancehall, remixes y rap.


Golden Ganga - Energía Libre - 2014

01. Algo

02. Amanecer

03. Cocktail

04. Mujer

05. El tiempo

06. La gloria eres tú

07. Luz

08. Hablar cantando

09. P.N.L.

10. Evolución


Old Veteran - Real Lions Crew - 2014


01. Jah me bendice [Ft. Kasike Lion]

02. Soy real lions

03. Un lion no se vende

04. Canción a montañita

05. Mis andares

06. Políticos de siempre

07. Tú eres mi vida

08. Madre de mi vida

09. Hijo mío

10. De infieles


Midnite - Beauty For Ashes (2014)

01. A Reminder
02. When Jah Arise (Feat. Lutan Fyah)
03. Same Boat We
04. Beauty for Ashes

05. Betterment Mouth
06. Same I Ah One (Feat. Pressure)
07. Holy Mountain
08. Generation Again

09. All I's On You
10. Weather the Storm (Feat. Ras Batch)
11. Tried and Tested
12. Hold On
13. A Healing


Pressure - The Sound (2014)

01. Rise Today

02. Show Love

03. Virgin Islands Nice

04. Stop This Train (feat. Lutan Fyah)

05. Stand Firm

06. Cry For Humanity (feat. Ras Batch & Niyorah)

07. Who You Are

08. Serious About It

09. Herbsman Town (feat. Volcano)

10. Run Away

11. The Rain

12. Nothing No Wrong (feat. Midnite)

13. Hail the King of Kings

14. The Sound

Sizzla - Radical (2014)

01. Protect My Life

02. Radical

03. Whats Wrong With The Picture

04. Sad Mistake

05. Burn Dem Schism

06. Hardcore

07. Golden Rule

08. It's A Rocky Road

09. Everybody Has To Live

10. Groove With Me

11. That's Why I Love You

12. All Da Time

13. Best Thing In My Life

14. I'm A Winner

15. Fly High Fly Low

16. I Am No Better